The service that we provide to student includes career planning course, online snacks course, and one-on-one professional mentor coaching course.

Our Advantage

Back-end Management System

Flat professional service administration, standardized business flow, high-efficiency business follow-up, standardized business data, and smart data processing.

Industry-leading User Experience

Mentors from Fortune 500 companies act as recruitment consultants, with an average of 7 years‘ experience, most of them with master's degrees or above, all with rich Canada work experience. We also provides 24-hour exclusive consulting services to each student on an one-on-one basis.


During this process, your ability to understand and apply your knowledge will be critical in making successful career decisions. We have dedicated career advisers who can guide you through this career development journey.

  1. Understanding and reflecting on your motivations and preferences, current skills and knowledge gaps.

  2. Researching potential opportunities that help you develop meaningful, industry-relevant experiences.

  3. Goal setting and deciding on what career success means to you.

  4. Seeking and applying for roles that align with this vision.

  5. Connect with employers and professionals through our mentoring programs and industry networks.

  6. Navigate the job application process so your cover letter, resume, and interview style sets you up.


Employability skills are more than just your ability to land a job.

They cover your attitude, personal qualities, and transferable skills (e.g. teamwork and communication).These skills are valued regardless of the role or industry you’re interested in—and understanding their importance can help you succeed in your career and beyond.

Our aim is to help you develop these skills so you can progress professionally in the workforce and community. Increase your confidence in networking and professional communication skills, improve your chances of securing a job by guiding you to develop a professional resume and practicing your interviewing technique.


Online snack courses provide students with systematic financial / consulting / accounting / real estate / consumer goods / advertising / Internet/data analysis industry education systems.

The courses include the latest and most comprehensive behavioral and technical interview questions and solutions for Fortune 500 companies. These are personally compiled by interviewers with up to 8 years of experience, so students can get an accurate behind-the-scenes of the industry.

To get an immediate overview of the industry, students can watch a 5-10 minute video, and obtain real-time industry information and practical job skills anytime and anywhere.